"Changing Tides" 47x60"(sold)
_Vantage Point_ 44x60_(sold)
"Sea change on the horizon"46x60"
"Peaceful Perspective"-24x24"
"Changing Tides"-46x60"
"A Salty Kiss"46x50"
"Day Tripper"-20x20"
"Heading Out" 8x10"
"Puff the Magic Dragon" 8x10"
"Dream State" 36x40"
"Day Dream Believer" 8x10"
Spring Tides-47x60"
"Vigil-Lowcountry" 48x40"(sold)
"Bringing the light" 36x40"(sold)
"Sea Survivor"50x60"(sold)
"Flotsam and Jetsam" 12x15" (board)
"Visage Découvert"12x14"
"A promise of Spring" 9x12"
"Late Summer waves"10x12"
"Over the dale" 30x30"
"Voyage" 37x47"
"Salt Flats"  36x48"(sold)
"Distant Memory" 36x48"
"Maine Chance"- 20x24"
"Sea Change" 35x39"(sold)
"Beached" - 44x36"(sold)
"Sea Air" - 48x60"(sold)
"Bateau" 12x15"
"Out and Beyond" 4x6'.
"Murray's View" 44x58".
"Mirage" 36x50" (sold).
"Lowcountry Tides" 56x34"(sold)
"Into the West" 36x48" (sold).
"Stock Island" 48x50" (sold).
"Ripple in the Water" 30x42".
"Reve" 36x40" (sold).
"Adrift" 48x50" (sold).
"Winter on the Downs" 36x40"(sold).
"Into the Mystic" 40x48" (sold).
"Jetty" 46x48" (sold)
"Tidal Breeze" 48x36".(sold)
"Field in Indigo" 32x36".(sold)
"Memory" 36x40" (sold).
"Far from the Madding Crowd" (sold).
"Niel's Vej" 48x50" (sold).
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