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Still life

small  striped hawk tail feather 11x14" canvas
long striped hawk tail feather on canvas blue background 11x14"
Blue Jay feather on canvas 12x14"
Sriped hawk tail feathe on blue background 12x14"
Bi colored feather on board 12x12"      2"
Finch feathers-11x14"
two crdinal feathers  11x14"
Tail feather of hawk(striped)
Lighter than Air- 20x24"(sold ))
"Fallen feather" 18x24"(sold)
_Hawk History_ 20x24"_(sold)
"Egret feather"(board)-8x10"( sold)           sold)
"Hawk feather" (board)-8x10"( sold )
"Heron Feather 2" (board) -10 x(sold)sold
Heron Feather 1(canvas)-10x8" sold   14"(sold)
Hawk Feather 1 (canvas)-6x8"(sold)
Hawk Feather 3 (canvas)-10x14"(sold)
Hawk Feather 2 (canvas)-10x 8"-sold   14"
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