"Ensemble" 8x10"
BahBah 11x14" wood board
"Tiny Dancer" 9x12"(sold)
"Zac's Peggy" 20x24". (sold)
"Gypsy Girl" 28x30".
"Vanishing Beauty" 36x40" (sold).
"Free Spirit" 48x25.5".
"Mary Ellis" 20x22".
"Abstract Figurative Drawing" 20x22"
"Seeing Spots" 40x36".
"Freedom Flight" 30x40".
"Ketty" 24x26" (private collection).
"Rainbow Prism" 41x30".
"Rottweiler Pup" 32x34" (commission)
"Figure in Gray" 31x21"private coll.
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"Freedom Flight" 30x40".

Figurative study on plaster- based canvas and polychromatic glazes and fresco-paint.