"Saoirse" 22x36"
"Les Amies"-40x60"
"Sea Foam" 14x11"
"Fidele" 35x40"(sold)
"Hawk" 14x11"
"The Conversation" 24x36"
The Seer-46x50"
Cheval Visionnaire 48x39" (canvas)
"Cheval Irlandais"- 36x47"(canvas)
"Irish Dream"- 41x47"-sold
"Cheval Seize Noel" 48x50" (sold).
"Western Horse" 36x40" (sold).
"Chevaux Farouches"(48x50" (sold).
"Silver Horse" 22x24" (sold).
"Connemara Horse" 32x34" (sold).
"Cheval Blanc" 36x40".
"Hercules" 36x40".
"Eminence Gris" 48x50"(sold).
"Cheval Nuit" 46x44"(sold).
"Cheval Bleu" 26x35"(sold).
"Cheval Px. Deux" 30x40" (sold).
"Cheval Pensif" 16x20".
"Shadow Cheval" 36x40".
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"Eminence Gris" 48x50"(sold).

Equestrian painting on canvas in lime-wash and water-based glazes.